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Dog Mask Poodle Head Costume

πŸŽƒ Get Ready to Howl at the Moon this Halloween!

🐩 Transform into an adorable white poodle with our Dog Mask Poodle Head Costume. Made from 100% natural latex, this environmentally friendly and non-toxic mask is perfect for adults and kids alike. With a roomy design that fits any adult comfortably, you can easily see through the nostrils or mouth for maximum visibility. Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Carnival, a costume party, or a night out at the club, this mask is the pawfect choice for fun and laughter. Get ready to steal the spotlight at your next event with this cute and hilarious poodle mask! πŸŽ‰πŸΎ

🎭 High-Quality and Affordable Costume Fun!

πŸ’² At CreepyParty, we offer a range of quality choices at the best prices. Our Dog Mask Poodle Head Costume is no exception. Crafted with attention to detail, this mask captures the essence of a playful poodle, making it ideal for meme-worthy moments. Get ready to make a lasting impression with this unique costume accessory that’s perfect for any occasion! 🐾🐩


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