Ultimate Solution for Drafts and Coziness

Looking for a way to upgrade your sleep game and enjoy some extra privacy in your bedroom?
A floorless indoor privacy tent on your bed might just be the answer to your dreams . These tents are perfect for both adults and kids who are sharing a room and want a little extra space to call their own. 

If you have kids, a tent like this can help encourage them to go to bed on time, giving you some much-needed relaxation and privacy.

Say goodbye to drafts and hello to cozy sleep

These tents have some seriously impressive features that will make your sleep experience nothing short of heavenly. They’re great at blocking out drafts, thanks to their draft-blocking powers, and with a mesh vent on top, you’ll enjoy fresh air circulation as you snooze the night away.
Talk about the ultimate sleep setup!

Transform your bedroom into a sleep oasis

But wait, there’s more, these tents also make for the perfect private nook for reading, studying, meditating, or even turning into a private theater with a tablet or smartphone. With three doors – one on each side of the bed and an extra large gate at the feet side – you’ll have plenty of easy access and can come and go as you please without disturbing anyone else in the bed. 

The zippered gates can be fully opened and closed from both the inside and outside, giving you full control over your sleep sanctuary.

Experience the ultimate sleep environment

These tents come in two sizes – twin, which fits a U.S. twin mattress, and full/queen, which fits a U.S. full or queen mattress. Simply place the tent over your mattress, pull down the sides and corners to fit, and use the adhesive hook and loop bands at each corner to ensure a snug fit. Voila! You’ll be sleeping in style and comfort in no time.

Take your sleep game to the next level with a floorless indoor privacy tent on your bed. Whether you’re sharing a room with others or just want a cozy space to relax and focus, this tent has got you covered . It’s the ultimate solution for a better sleep experience.