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Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl

🔥 Worldly Warmth for Your Backyard

The Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit isn’t just a fire pit it’s a globe of fiery warmth. This unique design represents our planet’s watery two-thirds in a steel orb, bringing a worldly touch to your outdoor gatherings.

🛠️ Built to Last

Crafted from heavy-duty 1/4″ thick mild carbon steel, this fire pit is among the most durable you can find. It’s designed for years of heavy use, making it a perfect addition to your HOME&KITCHEN outdoor setup.

🔥 Fiery Inner Core Design

When lit, the Third Rock Fire Pit beautifully highlights the earth’s fiery inner core. Its high-temperature resistant coating and 1 1/2″ diameter rain drain ensure it’s ready for all weather conditions.

🌈 A Patina That Lasts

The outer iron oxide patina of the outdoor fire pit is maintenance-free. Over time, it matures and darkens a few shades, then remains permanent, adding character to your HOME&KITCHEN outdoor space.

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