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 Sandscreen Sand Removal Bag

🏖️ Say Goodbye to Sandy Woes

Enjoy the beach without taking it home with you! The SHAKALO SANDSCREEN Sand Removal Bag is your new beach buddy. Perfect for keeping your Home & Kitchen sand-free after a day at the beach.

🌊 Reef-Friendly and Safe

Worry no more about harming the environment. This talc-free, reef-friendly product is as kind to the ocean as it is effective at removing sand. Ideal for eco-conscious beachgoers in our Health category.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 For the Whole Family

Whether it’s a family beach day or a solo sunbathing session, this sand removal bag is perfect for everyone. Keep your Babies and Pets sand-free too!

🏐 Beach Sports? No Problem!

Love beach volleyball or frisbee? Keep the game going and the sand off with SANDSCREEN. It’s a must-have for all your Toys & Games activities.

🎒 Compact and Travel-Friendly

This lightweight and portable sand removal bag is a travel essential. Toss it in your beach bag or Travel kit for sand-free fun anywhere you go!


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