Smart Interactive Electronic Kitten Toy

Introducing the ultimate feline fun zone – the 3-in-1 Smart Interactive Electronic Kitten Toy!
This versatile, innovative toy is packed with features that will keep your furry friend entertained and engaged for hours on end.

Imagine your cat’s surprise and delight as a fluffy feather randomly pops out from different holes, providing an unpredictable movement that stimulates your cat to swat and play like a whack-a-mole game. That’s not all, a lifelike butterfly flaps around in the air, easily prompting your cat to pounce and bat. Let’s not forget the 4 balls that you can put in the track, adding extra fun as your cat sticks its claws into the track and bats the balls.

Cat’s PURR-fect stimulation

But what really sets this toy apart is its intelligence, it runs for 5 minutes and then stops if left alone, then goes into standby mode for 4 hours during which your cat can re-activate it with the slightest touch, and if left alone for over 4 hours, the electric cat toy auto-shuts off and can be re-started by flicking the switch.

Feline Frenzy!

Designed with dual power supplies, it allows you to use 4 AA batteries (not included) or connect it to a power source at your convenience. This additional power supply option (plugged in to wall power or power bank) allows you to save the cost and hassle of replacing batteries, you can also use a mobile phone adapter to plug it into wall power.

Cat’s me-wow!

This toy promotes mental and physical stimulation for your cat, it makes minimal mechanical noises that won’t scare away timid cats. The feather and butterfly stimulate cat’s hunting instinct, promote healthy exercise and keep cats on their paws.

One of the 4 balls include a catnip pouch which makes cats excited and relieved, increases their interest in the toy. With just one toy, you can simply satisfy your cat’s mental and physical needs, stop cats getting bored when you are away or engage them in interactive play.


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