Toilet Timer For Dad

Looking for the ultimate gift for your dad on special occasion? Look no further than the toiler timer! This explosively funny gift is perfect for your favorite stinker and will keep toilet clogging hogs from taking up too much time in the bathroom.

Time to flush away lavatory laziness

For the long-pooper or poo-crastinator in your life, this toilet timer is a game-changer. It allows the user five minutes to do their business, then it’s time to flush and move on. Plus, with a spin to set timer, it’s super easy to use.

Practical joke or time-saving solution?

This funny timer isn’t just practical – it’s also a conversation starter. The classic model features a regular Joe seated on the throne, but we also have some particularly bizarre models inspired by your dear old dawdling dad, as well as a presidential version and one for White Elephant parties.

The toilet timer for all creeds and crap

This unique toilet timer was successfully funded on Kickstarter by many good wives looking to regain timely access to their bathrooms. The maker of this funny toilet timer support gaseous humor worldwide, bringing people of all creeds and crap together under a single banner of brown.

Perfect for gift for any occasion, give your dad the gift of laughter and efficiency with the Toilet Timer. It’s sure to be a hit and a great addition to any bathroom.


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