Dog Umbrella

Don’t let your beloved pet suffer through another stormy day!

Goodbye to soggy dogs and hello to the Pet Dog Umbrella! This amazing invention is the ultimate solution for keeping your pet dry during wet weather (and for making you the envy of all the other pet owners).

Wet dog? No problem!

This Pet Dog Umbrella is designed specifically for small dogs and puppies under 12 lbs and 19 inches in length (think Yorkies, Peddies, Pomeranians, and Poodles). It has a built-in leash hook that’s 12.2 inches long, and the umbrella has a diameter of 28.3 inches when open and a handle length of 20.8 inches.

This gives you plenty of room to hold onto while keeping your pet dry (and for waving at all the jealous people walking by).

The paws that stay dry

The Pet Dog Umbrella is made of 100C PVE material which is thicker and durable , it is more resistant to wear and tear compared to the 50C material used in other umbrellas. The umbrella sticks are also 10mm thick, meaning they can withstand strong winds and won’t break easily (because the last thing you need is your umbrella turning inside out while trying to keep your pet dry).

The leads hook is a generous 32cm long, giving your pet plenty of space to move around comfortably (and for showing off their fashionable umbrella to all the other dogs).

Rainy days just got more fun!

Using the Pet Dog Umbrella is super easy, simply install the stopper, tighten the shaft, and open the umbrella. When it’s time to head back inside, just close the umbrella and you’re done!

No more struggling with complicated raincoats – the Pet Dog Umbrella is a breeze to use and can be easily folded and assembled for easy storage and transport (because nobody has time for complicated rain gear).

You and your pup can splash around in style!

Imagine the looks you’ll get as you and your furry friend strut down the street, umbrella in hand. Your pet will be the talk of the town (or at least the dog park) and you’ll be the envy of all the other pet owners. When it starts raining, you’ll be the hero, shielding your pet from the elements and keeping them dry and happy (and for making all the other pets wish they had a cool umbrella like yours). Trust us, they’ll thank you for it (with lots of tail wags and slobbery kisses, of course).


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